European Union Energy Day Workshop
Transition the Electricity Sector


European Union Energy Workshop. Transitioning the Electricity Sector is an event organised by the European Commission, Directorate-General for Energy. This workshop is part of a series of EU Energy Days, which was initiated at COP22 in Marrakesh.

On 30 November 2016, the European Commission launched the "Clean Energy for All Europeans" package. This package includes eight proposals to govern the EU energy transition over the period 2020 to 2030.

This workshop will be first occasion that the Commission will share and discuss its recently launched proposals for a new Electricity Market Design in an international context. The workshop will specifically focus on how the electricity market will ensure that renewables can become the backbone of the electricity system. The event will be a prime opportunity to learn about the new proposals, and to share experiences and practices with experts from all over the world.

The event will be opened by the Head of Renewables the European Commission, followed by panel discussion on regional balancing and renewable energy auctions.

The workshop will also feature the presentation of the International Energy Agency study "Next Generation Wind and Solar Power – From Cost to Value". This study examines the impacts of the "next generation" phase of deployment of variable renewables, in which wind and solar PV are technologically mature and economically affordable. The study examines how the issue of system and market integration becomes a critical priority for renewables policy and energy policy more broadly – what is needed is a next generation of policies, and presents practical examples of how to design such policies.


Tuesday January 17th, 2017 09.00 – 11.00

World Future Energy Summit, ADNEC, Abu Dhabi

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The EU energy day workshop will be followed by the "Forum on clean energy opportunities and challenges in the GCC region" coorganised by the EU GCC Clean Energy Network, the Ministry of Energy of UAE and the Secretariat General of the Gulf Cooperation Council. The event will address the upcoming opportunities and challenges to large scale deployment of clean energy within the GCC region. The event shall focus on solar energy and will include a number of high level addresses from EU and GCC stakeholders as well as a panel discussion. It will be followed by a networking light lunch buffet.

You may see the agenda and register at the event's webpage.